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DFS Studio


$250 / year

Combined license
  • Qualcomm Tool
  • DFS Studio (Android Tool, Samsung Tool, Disk Tool, Modem Tool, Utility)
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Qualcomm Tool

$100 / year

Unlock: SPC, MSL, SPC3, FSK, OTKSL, User Lock, MIN lock, SIM LOCK
Programming: MIN, MDN, IMSI, NAM, PRL file, phone network settings
Serial Numbers: repair ESN, MEID, IMEI, MAC address
EFS Explorer: EFS EFS2 CEFS supported, reading locked efs folders
NV: change/reset RF calibration data, restore custom NV items
Download: flashing firmware, repair software, emergency download
Memory: read and write EEPROM, RAM, SDRAM area
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iOS Tool

$500 / year

iPhone 4 CDMA, iPad 2 CDMA: Unlimited flash(SPC, MSL, AKEY/SSDA/SSDB, MIN, MDN, IMSI, NAM, PRL, settings)
Info: Apple devices properties manager
File Manager: Apple devices file manager
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SC Tool

$0 / year

SC Flash: Smart Card flash (MIN, MDN, IMSI, NAM, PRL, settings)
SC File Manager: Smart Card file manager
  • SIM, R-UIM

DFS Studio:

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DFS Studio

Android Tool

ADB Terminal: Command console
Diagnostic and Control: Explore system messages, screen controling, read/write properties
File Manager: Explore files, shown hidden files etc
Flash: Flash boot/recovery files, install/uninstall apk
Tools: Custom Samsung, HTC, LG, Motorola tools (backup/restore partitions, USB Mode change, read spc, unlock sim)
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DFS Studio

Samsung Tool

FUS: Restart to FUS(ODIN) mode, exit FUS; T-Flash; NAND erase;
Flash: Firmware files, root files;
Unlock: Wipe EFS; Reset FRP, EE, Google Account;
PIT Managing: Read, write, edit, save PIT; Erase partitions;
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DFS Studio

Disk Tool

RAW Image: Flash, HDD, Floppy, CD/DVD
RAW Explorer: Managing RAW-Images (read, write RAW-Images)
  • Windows MBR(FAT12, FAT16, FAT32, NTFS), EBR, CD/DVD
  • Unix MBR(EXT2, EXT3, EXT4), EBR
  • Qualcomm MIBIP
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DFS Studio

Modem Tool

Terminal: AT/USSD command console
Info: read, write modem settings
Ras Connection: Dialer, connection manager