• Dialgnostic Tool
  • Service Programming
  • EFS Explorer
  • Firmware Download
  • Memory Manager(NV,RAM,EPROM)
*One year license

Qualcomm Tool

Is a universal, all-in-one powerful service software, developed to work with mobile devices CDMA/WCDMA/GSM/UMTS/HSPA/LTE based on Qualcomm and compatible chipsets. It is the necessary tool for easy and fast researching, service programming and flashing your mobile devices to any network. It is a professional and the most powerful service software for working with Qualcomm based devices for nowadays.
Software using to Diagnose, Test, Explore, Edit settings.
It is developed for any kind of technicians, from the beginners to high professionals, because of including a pre programmed fully automatic functions.
QTool recommended and world-wide used by technicians, cellular/repair shops and carrier dealers.
Support: Qualcomm based CDMA /450 /800 /1900 /1xEVDO /WCDMA /GSM /UMTS /HSDPA /LTE phones, smart phones, tablets, fixed terminals, data cards/modems on Diagnostic Mode, Download Mode, Serial Download Mode, Sahara
  • Unlocking SPC, MSL, SPC3, FSK, OTKSL, User Lock, MIN lock, SIM LOCK
  • Programming MIN, MDN, IMSI, NAM, PRL file, phone network settings
  • Read, Write authentication security codes CAVE, A-key, SSD_A, SSD_B
  • Read, Write, Repair serial numbers: ESN, MEID, IMEI, MAC address
  • EFS Explorer: for working with filesystems: EFS, EFS2, CEFS; reading locked filesystem folders
  • NV Manager for change/reset RF calibration data, read, write, restore custom NV items
  • Download Manager provides ability to flash firmware, repair software, emergency download
  • Memory Manager allows to read and write EEPROM, RAM, SDRAM area

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SamsungSCH-V740SPC, Akey, ESN, MEID
HuaweiPCDH5072HSSPC, Akey, ESN, MEID
MotorolaXT1765 Moto E4 
LGV-111SPC, Akey, ESN
Sierra WirelessAC-803s Tri-Fi HotspotSPC, Akey, ESN, MEID
SamsungSCH-U540T (ES)SPC, Akey, ESN
LGMD3500SPC, Akey, ESN
PantechPC7300LSPC, Akey, ESN
LGVS410PP Optimus ZoneSPC, Akey, ESN, MEID
SamsungSM-G920V Galaxy S6SPC, Akey, ESN, MEID
HTCOne Max (0P3P7) 
UnknownVN_4088TSPC, Akey, ESN, MEID
SamsungSPH-M560 ReclaimSPC, Akey, ESN, MEID
LGMS695 Optimus M+SPC, Akey, ESN, MEID
SamsungSCH-R210 SpexSPC, Akey, ESN, MEID
CmotechCMU-300SPC, Akey, ESN, MEID
ZTEN9132 PrestigeSPC
SamsungSPH-M610SPC, Akey, ESN
QualcommGobi-2000SPC, Akey, ESN, MEID, IMEI
SamsungSM-N900R Galaxy Note 3 
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