DFS Studio (Samsung)

  • FUS(ODIN, Download) mode
  • Firmware Download
  • Flash Roots
  • Wipe EFS; Reset FRP, EE, Google Account
  • Partition Table(PIT) Manager
DFS Studio (Samsung Tools) is the powerful tool for flashing, erasing device partitions, repairing damaged Samsung devices.
For all abilities software use FUS (ODIN, Download) device mode.

Samsung Tools features:
  • Enter and Exit FUS(ODIN, Download) Mode on your Samsung device by one click
  • Quick search and Download Firmware files from cdmatool FTP server
  • Flash phones with firmware files
  • Flash only selected partitions you want to flash with ability to change flashing order
  • Re-partition phone filesystem
  • Flash Roots (need unlocked bootloader)
  • Repair bricked or software damaged Samsung devices
  • Read, Explore, Edit and Save to PC your Samsung device Partition Table(PIT)
  • Write saved PIT